Portfolios - LEONARDO @ BSDA 2024


Uniting Defense, Aerospace, and Security: BSDA 2024

BSDA fair considered one of the most important fairs in the Balkan area ,is set to convene global leaders in defense, aerospace, and security industries.

The fair Showcased cutting-edge defense systems, from armored vehicles to cybersecurity solutions including aerospace technology, aircrafts, satellites, UAVs, and space-based systems.

But ..the real magic happened at the booth !!! Effectively our clients and partners embraced our impressive booth solutions maximizing their impact, attracting leads, and showcasing their products effectively.

Yes, indeed a well-designed booth can make a difference, eye-catching, creating a strong first impression, leading to an easier connection and engagement with the visitors.

Our smart booths layout allowed seamless product demonstrations with Incorporating interactive elements, such as touchscreens ,digital displays which captivated audience and left a lasting impression.

these booths transmitted the essence of the brands of our partners building trust with the visitors.

We are so proud of the success of our partner LEONARDO during this fair and will be striving to renew the challenge very soon.

Congratulations to LEONARDO’s teams for their support during all the project steps and also congratulations to the amazing XDS team for simply making this project come true.

Published on 30.05.2024