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Since 2001, we are a well established global network internationally driven 30 full time employees company, with thousands of  sq.m. of warehouses, own construction facilities and offices in Romania and abroad.

eXpo Design System means concept, design, brand, manage and construct environments. We are continually working to push the boundaries in live communication. From exhibitions, events, trade show stands to retail environments, we specialise in giving your target audience a lasting experience that ultimately engages them with your brand. Every detail matters.

We not only provide effective design concepts but also effortless display build. Graphic design and production, construction, fabrication, installation and dismantle, audio visual, electrical, lighting, and complete project management are all areas of our expertise.

Behind every creation there is a profound story which we would like to develop along with you, step by step, from concept to the finishing touches.

Passion mixed with professional services

Our company is structured into cross-functional teams that operate to service individual clients. This is so teams can operate independently of each other, maintaining design integrity and confidentiality of client operations.

Depending on the project, generally, our teams consist of an account  executive, designer and project manager. Of which a project team leader is appointed to undertake the project from beginning to end and beyond!

Our team provides effortless management skills ensuring the best people are on the job. From stand designers, display builders, electricians, engineers and caterers we provide only the most trusted suppliers. This gives you a seamless experience, completely aware, every step of the way

A short history

We have been producing environments for retail, events and exhibitions for more than 17 years. We differentiate ourselves through a strong focus on design, quality and globalization, encompassing both form and function, and client consultation understanding your product, brand and core objectives.

13.02.2001 – eXpo Design System is born

2001 – We build our first exhibits at the Indagra show in Bucharest

2002 – We build for the very first time internationally, at CeBit Hanovra

2005 – eXpo Design System joins IFES (Intl. Federation of Exhibition and Events Services)

2006 – June – we build in the same time 28 stands, in 5 different venues in 4 different countries

2009 – We start to build more international than domestic

2011 – We attend as exhibitors Euroshop in Dusseldorf and for the first time the EDPA Access meeting  in Las Vegas, Nevada

2012 – We attend again the EDPA Access in Palm Springs, California

2013 – Our business is consolidated worldwide

2014 – Over 17 countries where XDS offers exhibiting solutions for clients

2015 – Our CEO, Voicu Sferdianu become president of IFES, an international exhibiting companies federation of 205 Members representing more than 38 Countries Worldwide