XDS Projects

What we do?

XDS – eXpo Design System is a company based in Romania, full service developer and builder in all Europe of effective solutions in the exhibition field and retail environments. We are specialized in exhibits and themed environments, translate branding and marketing messages into 3D shapes and spaces.
We provide design, construction, I&D and storage in Europe and Romania. This coverage and experienced I&D in the whole Europe ensures value and protection for your exhibit investment.

An effective project management system

For any new project we start, our project management team works in partnership with our clients, suppliers and exhibition organisers. From design, production through to installation and dismantling, we will manage all stages of your project to ensure a smooth transition from beginning to end. Since 2005 we have implemented our ERP system carefully tailored on our very needs and business flow just to make sure our Project management, CRM, Assets management and other processes are quick, professional and perfect.

Management will take every variable into consideration including risk management, personal safety and environmental management. Our experience across a wide range of industries ensures we are fully equipped to design and construct efficient and effective environments to suit your needs. We are the premium designers and custom stand builders for any event worldwide.

1. Concept

Any project starts with the concept.

We put our visual strategy experience to work with your communication and marketing team, for an impressive idea.

2. Design

Realising the constantly changing demands and market pressures we provide a creative team of qualified designers to help you achieve a competitive edge.

We have built a permanent and long lasting relationship with the Design Faculty from the Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad that ensures we maintain the highest standards in our approach and commitment to the exhibition industry and our valued clients.

We take stand design to the next level to ensure the maximum return on investment at any trade show in Europe and internationally.

3. Production

We have a fully-equipped factory and warehouse with facilities to design and build any custom stand. We will ensure your trade booth stands out of the crowd at any event.

Able, for instance, to fully produce and perfectly deliver to an event at 2000 km’s away from base  an 1.500 sq.m. totally custom stand. With an only 14 days prior notice.

4. Logistics, Set-up & Dismantling

We do have own transportation both for teams and materials, warehousing technology, forklifts.

Our implementation requires schedules and milestones that drive the process, making us continually aware of the objectives and keeping focus on the detail.

5. Storage

In our warehousing facilities in Romania we offer our customers to warehouse their assets in between the shows, providing small refurbish and maintenance  before next setup.